Hexaphonic speaker

portable 6-channel (hemi)spherical speaker for electro-acoustic music


A speaker made out of 2 IKEA salad bowls, 6 car speakers, 6 channel amplifier, switching power supply, connectable using an XLR7 to 6 x 1/4" jack multicore cable.

Built to explore whether having a speaker that emits sound towards multiple different directions (as opposed to a single direction, as is the case with stereo systems) can improve blending of electronic sound with the sound of an acoustic instrument in a live electro-acoustic performance.

Based on the SLOrk and PLOrk speakers.

Special thanks to Fedde ten Berge for letting me use his STEIM workshop and tools and giving me a lot of precious advice on working with wood and building speakers, Branislav Vlaisavljević for helping me with the design and multicore cable soldering, Jos Zwaanenburg for letting me try his hemispherical speaker before I built this one, and Nina Kay for giving me one of the two IKEA salad bowls as a Christmas present.